Brody Greif is a music producer, mixing/recording engineer, and musician in the NYC Metro area with a portfolio consisting of projects that range from local, unsigned garage bands and indie production companies to major label clients, including a multi-platinum record producer and a three-time Grammy winning jazz musician/composer.

Nick Gallo (associate) is a music producer, mixing/recording engineer, and arranger with a portfolio of artists that ranges from unsigned bands to label clients.

With connections to some of the very best musicians, arrangers, live-sound engineers, studio owners, and other top-tier professionals, our clients receive only the finest quality in the music and pro-audio service industries.


Studio Recording, Mixing, Production, and Arranging

Brody Greif Productions proudly established a home for itself at The Barber Shop Studios — a state-of-the-art recording facility built into a lake-front stone church located in Hopatcong, NJ. The studio provides multiple rooms with a plethora of vintage equipment and amenities such as a beautiful view and direct access to Lake Hopatcong, an in-building fin Italian restaurant, and on-site accommodations for extended-stay clients.

Live Sound Engineering and On-Location Recording

In addition to The Barber Shop, Brody works as an engineer for Yadidit Sound — a boutique NYC-based music production and live-sound company providing full live recording and sound reinforcement services.

Additional Services

Brody & Gallo Productions also openly shares its connections to additional service providers including photo/video professionals, artist managers, teachers, and many others. Because our rates are flexible and project dependent, we ask that you please get in touch so we can discuss your specific needs and come up with a package that best suits your project goals.


Selected Clients:
The Stolen | Knuckle Puck | The Movielife | Terri Lyne Carrington | Oz Noy
Coldrain | Steve Hass | Crime In Stereo | Prawn | The Moms


Everything Falls — TBA (album) — E
Esti Mellul — TBA (album) — P • M • E
The Stolen — Overboard (single) — P • M • E
The Stolen — TBA (single) — P • M • E

Bombers — Memorial Day (EP) — A
Crime In Stereo — TBA (album) — A
Houseplants — Houseplants (album) — A
Grayscale — Love Yourself - Cover (single) — A
Kirk Karantonis — Whatever Happened Happened (single) — M • E
Knuckle Puck — Calendar Days/Indecisive (single) — A
Kol Halayla — TBA (album) — P • E
Life Lessons — Best When In Motion (EP) — A
The Moms — Doing Asbestos We Can (album) — A
The Movielife — Cities In Search Of A Heart — A
Past Life — Triple Nothing (EP) — E
Prawn — Run — (album) — A
The Ramaz School (feat. Gary Schreiner) — K'Sharim (album) — M • E

Banquets — Spit At The Sun (album) — A
The Moms — Snowbird (EP) — A
Joe Pearson — Into The Woods (EP) — P • M • E

The Breakout Plan — Me, Myself & I (single) — P • M • E
Deaf Rhino — Dirt, Rust, Chaos (album) — A
Everything Falls — Through The Storm (EP) — P • M • E
Extinction A.D. — Faithkiller (album) — A
Esti Mellul — Sometimes (single) — P • M • E
Micah Levy — On The Way Up (EP) — P • M • E
Puddle Splasher — Missed Connection (EP) — A
Suzy Rosenberg — Shine Your Light (album) — P • M • E

Mukza — Room Temperature (EP) — M
City Bandits — Rise Above (EP) — M
Terri Lyne Carrington — The Mosaic Project II (album) — E
Hazamir International Choir — The 21st Annual HaZamir Festival (album) — M • E
Zalman Krause — Green Paradise (single) — M • E
Matt Martinez — Brooklyn Dodgers (single) — P • M • E
Puddle Splasher — Poor Planning (EP) — A
The Ramaz School (feat. Oz Noy & Steve Hass) — Am Echad, Lev Echad (album) — M • E
Venus The Ocean — As The World Burns (single) — P • M

Asking Alexandria — From Death To Destiny (album) — A
The Born Sinnerz — The Molly Experience (album) — E
Coldrain — The Revelation (album) — A
Daniel Eyes — The Jean Jacket Sessions (EP) — P • M • E
Micah Levy — Ol’ Mr. Blue (single) — P • M • E

Eitan Akman — Atmosphere (single) — P • M • E
Juice — Keep It Moving (EP) — P • E
Surefire — Another Take On The Same Difference (album) — P • M • E
Stewart Taylor — Ohio (single) — P • M • E
Sōlman — This Wasn’t Meant For Me (EP) — P • M • E
Carly Tefft — Loud And Clear (EP) — E


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